The 226ERS products that you will enjoy at the OTSO Challenge Salou 2023

Live the experience of the OTSO Challenge Salou, next June 4, by the hand of 226ERS. These are the products that you will find in the refreshment areas throughout the race:


Gluten-free 40g energy bar: perfect to take during training sessions and competitions. Rich in carbohydrates based on dried fruits and pumpkin seeds. They are easy to chew, provide energy and do not produce insulin spikes.

You will find them with different flavors and characteristics, which one will you choose?:

  • BCAA – Dark Chocolate: with natural cocoa powder, organic chocolate chips and natural chocolate aroma. Suitable for vegans. In a 8:1:1 ratio (Leucine+).
  • Choco bits – White chocolate and strawberry : with strawberry powder, natural strawberry aroma and white chocolate chips. (Due to the milk content of the white chocolate chips, this flavor is not suitable for vegans or lactose intolerant).


76g stick: the gels provide 50g of carbohydrates per unit. They are designed to offer a prolonged energy release, perfect during exercise. We recommend accompanying it with water.

In Challenge Salou you can choose between 2 varieties:

  • Cherry Caffeine : Base formula with 160mg of added caffeine.
  • Neutral: base formula without added flavor.


68g stick: isotonic energy gel based on carbohydrates (22g), cyclodextrin, natural flavorings and Stevia natural sweetener. Contains menthol, a precursor to the sensation of cold.

Improves glycogen replenishment more efficiently. You do not need water when taking it, the gel itself contains the necessary amount. You will find it flavored with mint.


25g gel designed to meet energy demands during sports. Provides a sustained energy release. It includes minerals, mainly Sodium, which help increase the rate of water absorption and delay fatigue.

It also includes Potassium, very important for the transmission of nerve impulses. You will find 2 varieties:

  • Strawberry and Banana: caffeine free
  • Lemon: with 25mg of caffeine


Hypotonic drink. We recommend you try our mineral salt drink during the test, it will help you replenish lost electrolytes and recharge your mineral salt deposits.

Each shot of Hydrazero provides 500mg of sodium, which improves hydration and provides a better balance of body fluids. It is formulated with stevia, in this way we replace the loss of electrolytes without adding calories.

You will find it in 2 flavors: lemon and tropical flavor.


Duplo of 2 capsules: Food supplement based on Vitamins and Minerals. With an extra contribution of caffeine (40 mg/caps) for those who seek to perform at their best. Indicated for situations of heat and/or high humidity during exercise.

Avoid performance drop as a result of dehydration. Caffeine increases alertness, reduces fatigue, and improves energy efficiency. It is not recommended to exceed 200mg of caffeine per day (5 capsules).

226ERS is present at OTSO Challenge Salou with the aim of providing products that are as healthy as possible, without gluten, without GMO’s, or unnecessary additives. We bet on the best ingredients and of the highest quality so as not to interfere with perfect digestion or the assimilation of all the nutrients necessary to enjoy sports or long-distance competitions.