Can I hire a hosting package plus registration?

Yes, through this same website: link 


How can I find the Parking?

You can park around the starting line.

Aid Stations

What will they give me at each refreshment?

The supplies will have 226ERS, Redbull, Coca-Cola, Powerade, water, fruit and nuts nutrition products. In spite of this, the exact content of the Provisions will be sent to all the registered in the newsletter prior to the event.

Can I receive a liquid and/or solid supply from a family member, friend or technician in the running race?

Yes. You can deliver gels, etc. through a family member, friend or coach. If done in any other area, the athlete will be automatically disqualified.


What material should I bring for check-in?

It is mandatory to leave the bike and transition bags during check-in hours. On the day of the test you can access the bike and the transition bags until 07:50.

Do transitions have security?



Where will they give me the Chip?

The chip will be delivered on Saturday between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. when you check in.

¿Dónde entrego el Chip?

Se deberá devolver en el momento de hacer el check-out de la bicicleta en el box de transición.

Bid Numbers

Where is the collection of bibs located?
What will they give me in the collection of bibs?
  • A dorsal
  • A tattoo with my bib number.
  • Two stickers with my helmet number.
  • A sticker with my bib number for the bicycle seatpost.
  • Two stickers with my bib number for the transition bags.
  • A sticker with my back number for the wardrobe.
  • An identifying bracelet.
  • A swimming cap
  • Two transition bags plus the gift backpack.
  • A special bag for Wardrobe (no other bags will be taken on Sunday before the test).
  • A ticket for party pasta.
  • A gift.
What documentation do I have to deliver when collecting bibs?

You have to deliver the identity document and the federative license in the case of being federated.

Can another person pick up my bib?

Yes, as long as you have sent an email to and the person picking up the number carries an authorization and a photocopy of the triathlete’s ID.


Is the use of neoprene mandatory?

The neoprene cannot be used above 23ºC and will be mandatory below 16ºC. It is optional between both water temperatures.

Can I heat in the water before the start of the test?

No, it cannot heat in the exit zone or anywhere that corresponds to the swimming circuit.


What accumulated slope does the cycling segment have?

In Middle Distance 588 meters.

In Short Distance 390 meters.

Will the roads be cut to traffic?

Throughout the cycling circuit the lane where the race will run will be closed to traffic. The organization will place traffic cones between the two lanes that will divide the roads into two. That is, at no time vehicles outside the organization will circulate in the lane of the triathletes.

What type of bicycle can I use?

Only time and/or road bikes are allowed. The use of mountain bikes or hybrid bicycles is not allowed.

Can I use bicycles with disc brakes?

If the use of bicycles with disc brakes is allowed.


Is it permissible for a family member, friend or technician to accompany me on the circuit?

No, they can cheer you up, but not run alongside the triathlete.

Can I enter the finish line with companions?

Yes, 100 meters before the goal there will be a Meeting Point for relatives or companions who wish to enter the finish line next to the triathlete. Mandatory companions must leave the premises after crossing the Finish Line.


What is the relay mode?

The participation by relays can be in male, female or mixed teams of 2 or 3 components and only for the Middle Distance modality. Each team will have a hat, a chip and a bib.

The witness is delivered giving the number and the chip to the partner. From the start of the competition to cross the finish line, the chip must be carried by the team member who is competing; always on the ankle, so the relay is passed delivering the chip to the partner.

The collection of bibs and check-in can be done by a single component of the equipment, as long as it shows the identification.

  • DORSALES: DNI (original, photocopy, photo on the phone) of the components of the equipment (in its entirety), and in case of being federated, it must also be accredited.
  • CHECK IN: identifying material such as: bicycle with dorsal, helmet with labels, hat, dorsal, bracelet and chip.

Access to the transition zone of the components of each team can be done by the end of the race on foot showing the identification bracelet to the control staff and must wait for the relay in the area enabled for their bicycle within the area.

¿Cómo funcionan las transiciones para los relevos?
  • El chip se lo pone en el tobillo el nadador.
  • Al finalizar la natación el nadador va a boxes en el lugar asignado donde está la bicicleta del equipo. Allí le estará esperando el ciclista, ya cambiado, con el dorsal puesto. El nadador le tiene que pasar el chip al ciclista.
  • El ciclista, al acabar su segmento, tiene que ir a la zona de transición a dejar la bici donde le estará esperando el corredor, ya cambiado. Una vez esté la bici colgada, se tendrán que dar el chip y el dorsal al corredor.
  • Una vez el corredor tenga el dorsal y el chip empezará a correr.
  • A falta de 100 metros para cruzar la meta los otros componentes de equipo podrán correr junto a él y cruzar todos juntos el arco de llegada.


What is the Responsible Statement?

Any person wishing to participate, individually or by relay, in Challenge Salou (Middle or Short Distance), will be at their own risk and responsibility. In this sense, the participant must accept the responsible statement at the time of registering online.

What are the cutting times?

You can find them in the following link.

What should I do if I don't overcome the cuts?

The organization has vehicles that will go to the end of the race to pick up the triathletes that have been cut. The organization will withdraw the number to the cut triathlete and it will be his option to use the vehicles that will transfer him to the goal. In case of not using it, it will be your own responsibility and will go with open traffic without protection of the organization and Mossos d’Esquadra.

If I am not federated, how do I contract day insurance?

Day insurance for Middle and Short Distance is priced at 30 euros. You have to hire it the day you register, if for some reason you did not hire it, you should contact

If I am federated do I have to take out day insurance?

No, if you have a triathlon license you should not take out day insurance.

What do I have to do if I want to change any personal data of the registration?

You must send an email to with the information you want to change.

Can I give my registration to another person?

No, the registration is personal and non-transferable.