The relays can be of 2 or 3 components and the different sections can be distributed freely. It is not necessary to have three participants, a member of the team can do two disciplines, regardless of the order Each team can be male, female or mixed.


The relay team will be given the following material:

  • Swimming cap (for the Swimmer)
  • A bib (it will be exchanged between the cyclist and the runner)
  • Two stickers for the cyclist’s helmet (one for front and one for left side)
  • A chip with neoprene band for the ankle (all team members must wear it)
  • Two transition bags with two numbered stickers (cycling and running) to leave the material after each segment. Each reliever, however, may already be changed at the moment that his partner passes him the relief.
  • 3 bracelets (one for each team member)

It is not necessary that all the participants of the team go to collect the material. With only one member is enough, although the organization advises that all team members go.


How do transitions work for relays?

  •  The chip is put on the ankle by the swimmer.
  • At the end of the swim the swimmer goes to the pits in the assigned place where the team’s bicycle is. There the cyclist will be waiting for him, already changed, with the dorsal position. The swimmer has to pass the chip to the cyclist.
  • The cyclist when he finishes his segment has to go to the transition area to leave the bike where the runner will be waiting for him, already changed. Once the bike is hung, the chip and the dorsal will have to be given to the runner.
  • Once the runner has the number and the chip will start running.
  • In the absence of 100 meters to cross the finish line, the other team members will be able to run with him and cross the finish line together.


What awards will the relay teams get?

The following relay teams will obtain a trophy:

  • 1st Qualifying Relay Male
  • 1st Women’s Relay Qualifier
  • 1st classified Relay Mixed