Introducing the finisher t-shirts for the 2024 edition

The followers have been able to vote between three possible colors

The followers of the OTSO Challenge Salou on social networks have been in charge of deciding the final design of the finisher shirt for the 2024 edition.

The winning color for the men’s t-shirt was BLACK. On the other hand, the most voted color for the women’s t-shirt has been BLUE.

The OTSO Challenge Salou 2024 finisher t-shirt is a high-tech garment manufactured by OTSO:

  • Ultra-breathable fabric that maximizes ventilation and always keeps the body dry.
  • Super light and flexible fabric, with vertical and horizontal elasticity.
  • It offers the greatest freedom of movement so you can move faster and more agilely.
  • Made with the softest fabric. It provides pleasant contact with the skin and prevents rubbing on nipples or armpits.

The men’s t-shirt has a photo of Mathis Margirier , winner of the OTSO Challenge Salou 2023, on the front and a photo of Guillem Rojas on the back.


For its part, the women’s t-shirt has on the front a photo of Grace Thek, winner of the OTSO Challenge Salou 2023, and on the back a photo of Barbara Riveros, third classified in the last edition.