Installment Payments

Split your registration and only pay a deposit of 20€ now

Life must be taken slowly and step by step. At OTSO Challenge Salou we offer you the opportunity to do the same with your registration for this year’s edition. With the Payment in Installments program you can pay at your own pace and in as many installments as there are months left, making a simple deposit of 20€.

EASY. Without any type of interest, commissions or additional expenses, here it is about making it easy for you.

PRACTICAL. You can use the Payment in Installments in any event at OTSO Challenge Salou, including the new distances of THE FESTIVAL (Fast, Sailfish Open Water and AquaBike). This option is already available on the registration page, you will find it at the time of finalizing payment.

COMFORTABLE. The first payment will be charged to your card on the 5th of the month following registration. The rest of the payments, the fifth day of each month until the date of the event, in June 2023.

ADVANTAGEOUS. You can secure your place before they sell out and sign up from just 20€ (depending on the remaining months). You will have your place guaranteed from minute one and 100% confirmed as soon as all payments have been completed. The entire registration must be paid before the race date.