1. The event. Basic concepts.

Race Date Swimming Cycling Running
Half Challenge 28-05-2017 1900 m 90 km 21,1 km
Half Challenge Relay 28-05-2017 1900 m 90 km 21,1 km
Breakfast Run 27-05-2017 - - 4 km
Junior Challenge 27-05-2017 - - 300 m - 900 m

In every race the sporting rules of the corresponding federation will be applied, and the following is a basic summary of the aspects that usually create the most doubts:

  • Neoprene cannot be used above 23ºC and will be compulsory below 16ºC It is optional between the two water temperatures. On 31 May it will probably be above 20ºC.
  • It is permitted to swim wearing the bib, not even under the neoprene.
  • It is permitted to swim wearing compression cuffs, but they must be under the neoprene. It is not permitted without neoprene.
  • For the Half Challenge: In the transition area, the cycle must be left on its own, i.e. with no element separated from it on the ground. All the equipment the participant needs must be left in transition bags for the purpose. It is only permitted to leave cycling shoes if they are placed on the pedals and not touching the ground, in both the swimming-cycling and cycling-running transitions.
  • It is compulsory to have the helmet placed and buckled whenever it is in contact with the bicycle, including the two transitions.
  • Drafting (slipstreaming) is not permitted during the cycling stage.
  • It is not permitted to use earphones during any stage of the race.
  • It is compulsory to wear the chip on your ankle throughout the race and return it when you finish.
  • For the Half Challenge: It is compulsory to leave the bicycle and transition bags during check-in time the day before the race.
  • It is not permitted to follow any participant in any vehicle, or on a bicycle or skates or on foot in any of the stages.
  • Any type external help is forbidden. It is not permitted to help in breakdowns, provide spare parts or tools, give provisioning that is not of the organisation, etc.
  • The relay team members must pass the chip and bib as a baton and must wait until their companion arrives in the transition area.
  • Registration for this race implies the explicit acceptance of these rules and each of their articles.

2. Prices, registrations, changes and returns.

Registration is personal, non-transferrable and is only valid for the 2016 event.

  • Changes of mode or participant for another or of a member of a club for another of the same team or club are not admitted under any circumstances.
  • The refund insurance Can only be contracted at the time of signing the registration and provides the right to a 100% refund of the amount for cancellations with administrative cost excluded communicated in writing up to three weeks before the race (the third Monday before the race).
  • Cancellations within the last three weeks do not have the right of refund under any circumstances.
  • Cancellations without refund insurance made up to three months before the race have the right to 50% refund.
  • Changes of one race for another or for the next event are not admitted.
  • Participants not FEDERATED IN TRIATHLON must add accident insurance for the race of €10 at the time of registration, both in the individual and relay modes (each non-federated participant one insurance policy).
  • In no case will cancellations or modifications of the routes or of any of their parts caused by reasons outwith the control of the organisation entail the refund of the registration amount.
  • In the case of meteorological causes or causes of force majeure which entail the modification of part or all of any stage of the race, the organisation may propose an alternative race over another distance and other routes according to the circumstances (duathlon, aquathlon, running, etc.), but in no case will the event be postponed to another date nor will this entail the refund of the amounts of the registrations to the participants.

3. Anti-drafting

During the cycling stage drafting or “slipstreaming” is prohibited and will be penalised by the judges. To control this regulation, the organisation has the following methods:
  • Starts separated starts into rounds of 100 to 150 participants
  • Judges on motorcycles
  • Judges at fixed points
  • System of fixed and moving cameras for disqualifications following subsequent analysis
Drafting is understood to be the action of placing oneself at less than 12 meters (PRO category) and 8 meters (Age Group category) behind another competitor. A triathlete may only enter the drafting zone to overtake another triathlete in front. To carry out this manoeuvre there is a time of 20 seconds. If the overtaking move has not been made after this time, the rule will have been broken. A triathlete may enter another triathlete’s drafting zone, subject to the judges’ and officials’ decision, in the following circumstances:
  • If they overtake before 20 seconds
  • For reasons of safety and circuit circumstances
  • At a provisioning stop
  • At the entry or exit of the transition area
  • On sharp turns
  • Other safety reasons determined by the judges and officials, such as for example the passing of an emergency vehicles along the cycling route
  • A triathlete who is being overtaken must immediately leave the drafting zone of the overtaking triathlete once passed.
The penalty for breaking this rule is a warning with a yellow card, with a compulsory stop of FIVE MINUTES in the Penalty Box area (Km 46 of cycling or transition area). Each penalised participant will be informed during the tests by the judges and is compelled to comply with the FIVE-MINUTE penalty. Not making this compulsory stop will entail the participant’s disqualification.

4. Traffic and civility

The use of highways and streets for sports is an exceptional circumstance. It is therefore essential that participants use the right-hand side of the roadway when there is nothing to prevent this, in order to prevent any incident, and that they collaborate with the auxiliary personnel and police officers located on the routes. The auxiliary personnel and signage on the routes inform route of the race, but the participants are compelled to know the various circuits of the race. It is PROHIBITED to throw any packaging or cycling bottles outside the areas designated for this purpose at the provisioning points. The judges will penalise this infringement with 5 minutes’ stop in the nearest penalty box.

5. Relays

  • There may be relay participation in male, female or mixed teams of 2 or 3 components
  • Each team will have a cap, a chip and a bib.
  • The baton will be passed by giving the bib and chip to the partner.
  • From the start of the competition to crossing the finishing line, the chip must be worn by the team member who is competing; always on the ankle, meaning that the baton is passed by giving the chip to the partner.
  • Both collection of the bibs and check-in may be done by a single team member, providing they show all the identifying equipment (bicycle with rear sticker, helmet with labels, cap, bib, wristband and chip). To collect bibs, they must accredit that their partners are federated if they are registered as such.
  • Access to the transition area by the members of each team may be made by the running start end, showing the identification wristband to the control personnel, and they must wait for the relay in the area set aside for their bicycle in the area.

6. Personal details

As set forth in Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Protection of Personal Information (“LOPD”) and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society and electronic commerce services, CHALLENGE SPAIN EVENTS, S.L. states that the participant is informed and aware of the following: All the personal details supplied by the participant through the data collection forms on the are website are included in an automated personal file which is the responsibility of CHALLENGE and is duly recorded in the Data Protection Register. The aim of the creation of this file, which is processed confidentially, is: to administer the participation in the Challenge races, manage the information coming from the race, especially the results, the photographs and the videos, perform the statistical check of the participants in order to provide feedback to the organisation and apply the relevant changes for its improvement. To promote or publicise the activities, services and articles offered by CHALLENGE, as well as those of the sponsors of the Challenge events. With his or her consent to the registration process and to the corresponding form, the participant expressly authorises the transfer of his or her personal details requested for the abovementioned purposes set out in favour of any of the abovementioned organisations, of both CHALLENGE and the event sponsors, as well as that their details may be used for the sending of advertising or publicity communications by ordinary post, e-mail, SMS or any other medium for the abovementioned purposes. These authorisations are revocable at any time with no retroactive effects. The participant may at any time anyway revoke the consent given and exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing for this purpose to the address CHALLENGE Moll de lleida, B1 2G – 43004 Tarragona.​