Anti Drafting Measures

During the cycling stage drafting or “slipstreaming” is prohibited and will be penalised by the judges.
To control this regulation, the organisation has the following methods:

  • Starts separated starts into rounds of 100 to 150 participants
  • Judges on motorcycles
  • Judges at fixed points
  • System of fixed and moving cameras for disqualifications following subsequent analysis

Drafting is understood to be the action of placing oneself at less than 12 meters (PRO category) and 8 meters (Age Group category) behind another competitor. A triathlete may only enter the drafting zone to overtake another triathlete in front To carry out this manoeuvre they have 20 seconds. If the overtaking move has not been made after this time has elapsed, the rule will have been broken.

A triathlete may enter another triathlete’s drafting zone, subject to the judges’ and officials’ decision, in the following circumstances:

  • If they overtake before 20 seconds
  • For reasons of safety and circuit circumstances
  • At a provisioning
  • At the entry or exit of the transition area
  • On sharp turns
  • Other safety reasons determined by the judges and officials, such as for example the passing of an emergency vehicles along the cycling route
A triathlete who is being overtaken must immediately leave the drafting zone of the overtaking triathlete once passed.

The penalty for breaking this rule is a warning with a yellow card, with a compulsory stop of Five minutes in the next Penalty Box area at (km 46 of cycling or transition area).

Each penalised participant will be informed during the tests by the judges and is compelled to comply with the five-minute penalty. Not making this compulsory stop will entail the participant’s disqualification.